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Welcome Dental Services for Newcomers!

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When we think of settlement services for newcomers we rarely think of  dental services,


Yet at Elna Dental,  located in the heart of the CDN-NDG borough, newcomers are greeted with a welcome kit that was designed just for them.


Warm welcome to newcomers begins with Anna Santoro, Sol Elhadad, Chana Fellig or Harshita Nayak who speak several languages. They assist them in completing a medical and dental questionnaire in order to  assess their oral health.


Each newcomer is given  digital x-rays and/or 3D imaging  to assess the overall condition of their mouths. This is very important since there are not many immigrants in  Quebec who arrive with their dental records. The review also allows them to receive an immediate,  printed and personalized   treatment plan including the associated costs. They will also  meet with a team member to answer their questions and orient them in best ways to maintain healthy teeth as well as present them with flexible financial plans. 


Bringing all specialties under one roof located at Decarie Square, Elna Dental has a team of both dental generalists and specialists for both adults and children. In the same location, Elna Dental is also a partner of Elna Medical, a network of 4 complexes of excellence in health care , ranging from general medicine, cardiology, urology, gynecology, oncology, pediatrics, pharmacy and over 1500 laboratory testings. Elna Dental is also easily accessible for people with reduced mobility with free indoor and outdoor parking. For a first appointment,  please contact Anna Santoro at 514-370-8887 or by email at [email protected] 

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